Kurt & Lucrisia

07 Nov 2024

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Groom And Bride

Kurt Wyngaard

Unveiling the Soul Who Completes My Love Tale, Kurt. In his presence, I find a sanctuary of love, a place where laughter dances and dreams flourish. His touch is a promise of forever, his smile, the assurance that love’s journey is worth every step. From shared adventures to whispered promises, he’s the embodiment of the love stories we’ve cherished. With every passing day, my heart swells with gratitude for the love we share and the adventures that await.


Lucrisia Wyngaard

Meet the Captivating Heart Behind My Love Story, Lucrisia. Her very essence radiates warmth and tenderness, a gentle reminder that true love is both a destination and a journey. From her enchanting laughter to the depths of her understanding, she weaves a tapestry of love that colors every corner of our shared world. With every beat of my heart, I cherish the moments we’ve built, and I eagerly anticipate the chapters we’ve yet to write.

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Captured Moments: Cherishing Love's Journey

In the tender moments of our journey together, we understand that love is both a feeling and a memory. Our 'Captured Moments' collection captures the essence of our relationship, from the first blush of attraction to the shared laughter, stolen glances, and heartfelt promises.



Our Love Story

Ours is a tale woven by destiny, where chance led to a profound connection. From strangers to soulmates, our love story is a beautiful fusion of shared dreams, laughter, and cherished moments. With every chapter, our hearts grow fonder, celebrating the magic of two lives becoming one.


We Met

A new job, a fresh start, and a chance meeting that changed it all. From office corridors to intertwined hearts, our journey began with a serendipitous encounter.


We Fell In Love

In the glow of his 21st birthday candles, he uttered ‘I love you’ first, marking the beginning of a lifetime of love. Our love story, ignited in a month’s time, bloomed into a journey of a lifetime.


He Proposed

Valentine’s Day in 2015 became the canvas for our proposal story. With culinary delights and a heart full of love, he knelt down, setting off a wave of giggles and a resounding ‘yes.

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Celebrate Our Love

07 NOV 2023


Tuesday, November 07, 2024
09:00 – 11:00

Castle of Goodhope
Darling St & Buitenkant St, Cape Town,


Tuesday, November 07, 2024
09:00 – 11:00

Castle of Goodhope
Darling St & Buitenkant St, Cape Town,

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